Parking violations

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A parking violation is defined as the act of parking a motor vehicle in a restricted place or parking in an unauthorized manner. Stopping, standing, or parking is prohibited along certain roadways and it’s against the law, virtually everywhere, to park a vehicle in the middle of a road or highway.

Parking violations are usually cited by a police officer or government official in the form of a traffic ticket. Different violations can affect your auto insurance in different ways, and each parking violation varies by state, insurance company, and by driving record. Parking tickets usually do not have an impact on your auto insurance premium, as they’re not considered a serious hazard to other drivers. Parking tickets can only affect your auto insurance premium if you fail to pay them.

Since parking tickets are considered non-moving violations, they are not typically recorded in your driving record. However, excessive unpaid parking tickets could eventually result in the suspension of your license as well as possible jail time. The fine for a parking ticket often increases if the parking ticket is not paid by the stated due date. State governments generate substantial revenue from parking tickets, so they have no reason to want to keep the prices down. If you both fail to pay your parking ticket by the due date and fail to appear (FTA) in court to fight it, it is possible that a bench warrant could be issued for your arrest. After a certain amount of time has passed, the city that issued your parking ticket might report the unpaid parking ticket(s) to a credit bureau, which can negatively impact your credit score, increase your interest rates, and prohibit you from getting loans or credit cards in the future. If your main profession is driving, your parking ticket(s) will be reported to your employer and could affect your commercial driver’s license.

As of July 2013, it is estimated that a parking ticket is issued to a motorist in the United States every 4 seconds. Cities and towns set their own parking ticket prices, and there are different fines for different violations. Usually parking ticket fines range between $30 and $100, where the severity of the infraction directly effects the parking ticket fine. For instance parking in front of a fire hydrant is more expensive than a parking ticket resulting from an overdue meter. In addition to the fine, your car could end up with a boot on it or towed away costing you additional money.

Depending on your state Parking Ticket Amnesty Programs exist that will waive parking ticket penalties as an incentive for motorists to clear up their old tickets. Basically, this program offers motorists an opportunity for significant savings on the cost of their outstanding parking tickets. Only certain cities offer Parking Ticket Amnesty Programs, and they usually last a very short period of time.

We have expert traffic attorneys available to speak with you within 72 hours who can provide you with legal advice for parking violations.

Double Parking Infractions

There are 3 types of double parking infractions; parking parallel to a car already parked at the curb, double parking in attended car parks or garages, and multi-space parking. Double parking is illegal in most municipalities, and it’s not uncommon in certain large urban areas. The punishments for double parking usually include both a ticket and towing of the offending vehicle, at the cost of the driver. Parking facing against the direction of traffic is also a citable non-moving violation. If you need legal assistance for a double parking infraction, our experienced traffic attorneys can help you.

Parking on a Sidewalk

It is illegal for drivers to stop, stand, or park a vehicle on or in the sidewalk and sidewalk area of driveways and garage entrances. Parking on sidewalks denies access to people with disabilities, forces pedestrians to walk in the street, and results in permanent damage to sidewalks and curbs. If you are blocking the sidewalk, you can be cited for this type of ticket even if parked in your own driveway, as the sidewalk that crosses your driveway is not your property. Sometimes this can result in a more serious citation for causing an obstruction. Contact us to find out more about how our expert traffic lawyers can provide you with legal advice for parking infractions.

Parking in a Prohibited Space

 Parking in a prohibited space, most commonly in front of a bus stop, fire hydrant, tunnel, or bridge is a citable traffic offense in every state. This includes if you are inside your car while it is parked, whether your hazard lights are on or off, whether or not there is a bus at the bus stop, and whether there is a nearby fire or not. Parking outside of marked lines, parking at curb locations designated as passenger, police, government, or commercial zones or parking on certain streets during a snow emergency are also citable infractions. If you have further questions about a citation for parking in a prohibited space, our skilled traffic attorneys are standing by to assist you.

Parking at a Parking Meter without Adequately Paying

Parking at a parking meter without paying, or remaining parked at a parking meter after it has expired are both citable non-moving violations. Parking meters are not enforced on Official City Holidays. In addition to fines, vehicles with numerous outstanding parking citations are subject to booting. A boot, also known as a wheel boot or a parking boot, is a device designed to prevent vehicles from being moved and consists of a clamp that surrounds a vehicle wheel. If you need legal assistance with a parking meter fines, we have expert traffic lawyers available to assist you.

Handicap Parking Ticket

Parking in a handicapped or disabled zone without the appropriate permit is a non-moving violation that usually results in a ticket and hefty fine. There is a difference between parking in a handicap parking spot and misusing a handicap parking sticker. If you have misused or abused a handicapped parking permit, you run the risk of your permit being taken away. Our expert traffic attorneys can provide you with legal advice if you are issued a citation for illegally parking in a handicapped or disabled zone.

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