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Wife left me and child for other man lost everything and she has cut full contact with us got married in january


Wife cheated thru whole relationship i found out she moved out and left me and my child  has not contacted us in over a month


Well i got married july 3rd, 2014 that was my first and last time seeing my suppose to be husband he hardly talked and i never knew about his secret family. i’ve been trying to get out of this but it’s hard .


I married him his mental illness was not there, lately   it became out of control that can never get better or curable according also to medical professional. i do not have any  physical contact with the man , and i got  completely disconnected because of his medical condition.  is there a possibility for an annulment?   i truly wish to avoid  to be labeled as a divorced without ever been married. thanks.


My wife went out cheated on me within the month of being married and i’m done i want to file annulment and she gave me an std i just i can’t be with her i can’t be with somebody that’s a cheater


I want to see if i qualify for an annulment i’ve been married to him for two years but only because i couldn’t afford a divorce. we have been separate throughout the marriage. no kids or property involved. i was not in my right mind i was doing drugstore and partying. he’s not legal to be in the united states.


You are alotted 48 hours to retract voluntary elinguishment of parental rights. i need an appeal. puyallup, wa a minute agoi signed under duress. apparently it is a common ” test” during trial to hear rhat one will lose 100%; as a determining factor of are you strong enough?. while having many miscarriages i failed this test and signed for panick and fear. my relinguishment was entered at that moment and while i sent an email to my attorney to retract such paper within 48 hours, after regaining non panick attack mode, my request to retract was denied for it was “entered in court.” i feel i should mention the adoption was finalized and i need to know how to appeal.


This matter is not so much about an annulment but about my birth certificate which was not included in your list. when i was married in october of 1983 my marriage license. i have ever gone by in my whole life ( i have my social security card in this name and my diploma) and the only physical birth record (i happened to find in some papers of my parents long ago which looks to be altered) i am wondering many things. first did the city of ft. require birth certificates for marriage licenses in 1983? if so do i have any way of retrieving this document presented. i have applied for a birth certificate and the information i am giving them does not allow for them to find my birth record. i have been told that some type of information i gave the registrar incorrect and of course they cannot tell me what that information is and i am not sure which name i applied for the birth certificate in because this was many many years ago. my parents are deceased since 1989 and no one in my family knows of this matter. i am wanting to get a passport to travel to denmark in 2016 and i am lost as to what i can do so i can get the passport.

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