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Needing advice on getting child custody, full custody of my son

Ive had custody not thru courts for 1.5 years and would like to request hearing to get temporary custody. Both parents are not suitable and now the mother says she wants to come get him.


I have more than one issue, I need help with child custody, visitation ect.. child support reductions, due to not being employee right


I am trying to gain information on getting a custody agreement for my son. I still want him to see his father but I believe my son needs stability and a good home. not sure what my rights are as his mother nor the rights of his father.


My wife got a temporary default order giving her custody of our Son because I was misinformed about the court date. My Son is 14 and left unsupervised while she works. I am disabled and am here 24 7 to supervise and insure his safety. All court ordered classes will be completed by June 12. I have requested a trial and mediation with her Attorney but have not received a response in over 11 days. How to I get temporary custody until the trial.

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