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Hello, I am currently separated and need help with divorce which I had a difficult time to discuss peacefully with my husband about our kids beside I am very new here I don Know the law and I think my husband trying to manipulate me with this situation. Please reach me with the above info. I may not be able to answer a call sometime but please leave me a message and your number I will call you back. Thank you


My soon to be ex husband and I have been filing for divorce and have no idea what we are doing we dont know how to finish it and are sick of it taking so long. We have filed and have gone threw our resolution conference. we filed in jan now its june and we just want it done. Its an uncontested divorce with one minor child.


My ex husband quit his job and stopped paying alimoney last August, then started paying me again this Febuary and now stopped again. I need help with an attorney that files contempts and can get my money back as soon as possible, I have no money and need help. Thank you

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