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I received a ticket from a state patrol trooper for causing an accident. I know that this accident is not my fault. The trooper did not witness the accident.


I am 17 years old and hit the car on the side. We reported the accidents and found out that our car had no inssurance. what should we do


Tory made sure that I lose my license.  as I read it this should not have happened. I had waited for a time moved up within 8 to 10 feet of these men, my foot slipped off the brake and hit the accelerator.  I was sent for a driving exam for the state of WV on November 11, 2007, BEFORE the investigation was completed. On the written test I got a 96, which appeared to amaze the tester.  As the details of the rest of the test are a long drawn out affair, I will fill you in when/if someone will take my case.  I was informed by the DMV Commisioner tha I was to take a driving test by a Rehabilitation Driving Specialist.  when i got that set up I received a letter that my doctor had written them a letter stating i was not to drive due to my medical condition.  I was never told this by my doctor.  My Mother got sick on Thanksgiving Day in 2007 and eventually had to be placed in a nursing home per her doctor in May 2008. By that time I was exhausted.  I decided to write my Senator and Congressman  which prompted the Commissioner of the DMV to write my congressman back, stating I had been informed to take the Rehabilitation Driving Specialist Exam and had not done so.  So, I again set the test, through the VA and passed 100%.  In June of 2009 I took another state test and was informed I was “totally inexperienced”.  I had only been driving since 1967.  So I tried to find an attorney to this date and have not found one that would accept my case as to a man they only handled the victim of an accident.  I am not a rich man, so this would have to be a contingincy payment.  I have also had phone calls threatening me  with death or beating.  The father/brother of the subjects came to my house and informed me that he had contemplated “homocide or suicide”.  Now, I dont scare easily, but, I have been stared at with anger by various people.  I contend that #1 I was not to have even driven my vehicle into the bay, and #2  these men should have been standing on the side of the bay.  I was asked by the officer in charge of the case


I had an accident in my wifes suv with another vehicle in which the police report deemed “no one at fault”. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my wife had cancelled the insurance to her suv a month prior to the accident. My passenger was hurt and incurred doctor fees and such. December 19th, 2010, my passenger filed for suit against me, the driver of the other car that hit us and her insurance company, State Farm. I have no money, permanent job nor possessions to be gained and he is fully aware of this. He called me 4 days ago saying I am just to be a witness at the trial although the paper in which I was served clearly states “I am being sued”. I need help in understanding my situation/position at hand and need to know how to handle it. Do I need legal counsel to show up at the trial?


I was involved in a vehicle accident on 3/31/11 and it was my fault didnt have insurance. i was hurt very badly and my understanding is a gentlemen in one of the other vehicles was to. i just received a summons and have to respond in 21 days in proper legal form and dont have a clue what to do, he is suing me for million dollars and i have no clue what to do i have no money i am only on disability and i am still not walking myself. i cant do anything for myself. i dont no what to do or how to respond back on this summons. i have tried to talk to courts just to find out what it means and cant get no help from no one. could someone please help. she is trying to find out anything she can. please help and she can be called anytime.

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