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I am on disability of 833.00 a month. All my bills have gone up and my wife was injured wile working in 2007. I can no longer pay my bills My wife is trying to get her disability but we cannot afford the medical  tests needed to prove her case.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy probono lawyers. I have file for chapter bankrutcy. I cant afford an lawyer I need Probono lawyer.


I filing a chapter 7. I have about $ 400,000.00 in business debit from 2009. I have a judgment against me at this time. I have not been able to work due to an injury in 2010. The atty with this judgment is deadly and I.m not sure Im going to be able to handle him. Im a disable vet with little income at this time. With out the help of my girl friend I would not no what to due. My girl friend is also in a chapter 13 at this time. We lost a lot due to the economy.


I have been summons to court to answer charges of oweing a credit card company money ($4,600). I would like to start bankruptcy procedings for there are other debts to be paid, too many than I can do. Will filing squelch the court appearance and allow me to fulfill the bankruptcy procedings?  Or will I have to go through the court on this account and be penialized.?  please help


I am a single mother of 3 on unemployment and I currently have credit collections trying to take the little I have.  I have a judgement causing me to not be able to find housing and I am afraid of being homeless.  I have tried to do the bankruptcy on my own, but dont think I will do it correctly.  I am in need of this debt cancelation asap as I need to move from my current rental place and no one will rent to me because of my bad credit. I am looking for someone to help me with filing all the paper work and processing everything correctly.  Please call me if interested.  Thank you.


I have serval law suits and repossesion that turned into law suitrs can you please call me regardng this issue i have been unemployed for almost 1 year i need help i wouold likle to file for bankrupsy ASAP thank you i hope to hear from you soon.

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