Basics of employment based immigration

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The Government of the United States allows employers to grant employment-based visas to their foreign employees on both temporary and permanent basis. What the employer should do is to obtain documentations that certify there are no available workers from the United States soil that could work better on the given job position, hence the hiring of a qualified individual from foreign countries is required. Such certification can be obtained from the Department of Labor. The very purpose of this certification is to, attest that US citizen workers are not discriminated, nor should their wages, job opportunities, or working conditions.

Here are some of the basics of employment-based immigration:

  1. Temporary employment visas are just that, temporary, a permission that allows foreign individuals to be in the United States to work for a specific time period.
  1. Temporary employment visas require qualified individuals to be the only people who will be given this chance. Qualifications are highly educated professionals from foreign countries who have specializations in specific occupations, or positions that are executive, and managerial.

Permanent employment visas require eligible individuals to be persons of extraordinary ability. Meaning, they have to be exceptional in any of the following fields: science, art, athletics, education, and business. They should be exhibit qualities of an outstanding manager, executive, or professor.

Other individuals eligible for permanent employment visas are religious workers, translators, US government workers who are classified as aliens, and people who are willing to invest $500,000 for a business venture in one of the US cities.

  1. Temporary period means three to six years of working privileges in the US soil.
  1. If you are given this opportunity, you may be able to take your spouse and children under 21 years old with you to live in the United States.

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