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Im a single mother of 3 boys. My checks are being garnished so I cant afford to file bankruptcy. I live paycheck to paycheck and I still struggle to pay my bills.


I recently went through a divorce and was left with all the credit card bills…I was making payments but then I lost both my jobs…I also have tons of medical bills due to an accident and subsequent surgery.  I did not have health insurance.  I have had to go to the emergency room repeatedly due to my injuries.  I am totally upside down with the credit cards, the medical bills, and on top of that I have student loans.  If there is anyway you can help I would really appreciate it.


Was unemployed in 2010 which caused me to get behind on mortgage and a charge off on my second which is saying they are going to take me to ligation now. I also have credit cards that have been affected as well, and medical bills.


I have been unemployed for the last 3 1/2 years and owe money i cant payback for health issuesand other things.


Was off on maternity leave and got behind on bills. Creditors refused to work with me. have been served papers by one of them. have until April 24th to deal with this.


I work at walmart.i am beinging garnished by ford motor company from a 2000 repo that happened.I cant afford an attorny,i cant even hardly pay my rent, utilitys, or food please help me. i work nights.I get off at 7am. please help me restart my life


I am employed and being garnished for an automobile that I purchased in 2007. The car was sold for over $6,000, with a balance of over $11,000. I am going to have to quit my job because I cannot afford to pay over $700 per month. I own an old car that I paid $800 for as my main transportation. I need help


Just had a large judgement against me and will not be able to afford to make the payments and if i dont they will garnish my wages and thats more then the payments they arranged. i have other judgements against me as well and my expenses are out weighing what i bring home.

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