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I lost custody of my 10 yr old son and my 7 yr old daughter 2 yrs ago due to failed drug test for cocaine it was a bad choice and I have paid for it Idone parenting and anger management classes na classes and Inot a drug addict and tool na classes my kids are being neglected my daughter has had lice the last 3t shebeen here and I treat it and when she comes back she has it my kids want to live with me Ia Cna.and my husband a mason their dad draws a mentally disabled check and works for cash for his moms pawn shop my kids say hes never home and he sleeps all day and my son fixes cereal for his sisters he has 7 kids and has never helped me with our 2 until now no cs nothing my daughter was 5 when this happened and she didnknow him I regret that one choice every day of my life and try to figure out how to undo it I have paid for my mistake but my kids shouldnhave to and they are. They are being neglected and I cant help them please help me and my babies be back together.


My children are in the custody of my exes family and they are violating the court order. The woman received PMC of my children in March 2014, however, I would like to see what can be done when it comes to suing for full custody of my children. I am not getting my visits, phone calls, education information, or medical information on my children.

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