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I need to talk about my divorce, i already went to 1200 telegraph rdband filed for divorce then had to efile online and they won’t tell you or give you any direction! i am a 54 year old female and been working for one year now with a ton of bills , i would love if i could talk to someone , thank you


I caught my husband cheating on me with a co worker from our job,i lost my job and he closed our bank account and won’t give me any money also refuses to pay for anything for our daughters.


I’m a mother of 3 beautiful little girls i separated from their father in april 2015 an things aren’t going as well as we thought an i’m fed up i want my kids to be happy an for everything to be settled


I met my husband on line shortly after losing my first husband about 2 yrs ago, and we married nov 16, 2015, after 2 months he began making crazy demands when i refused them he went into a rage and threw his ring at me said the marriage was over and threw me out.. i had the police escort me back to the home to retrieve my items i believe the date was jan 27 or 28. i am now in knightdale nc where i lived before marriage


Aug 22,2012 she moved out from the kids and i. found out that the first 14 months of the marriage she was still married to her ex. child custody has been done for almost2 years.  she at this time is not even allowed to see them. just want to get finished and move on.


My husband has became very verbal abusive with the last 3 months. we have 2 children and he keeps treating me that he going to take my children and leave.


I met this woman on line and we got married. we was only married for 5 weeks and i need a divorce. what can i do?


I had civil ceremony of marriage in feb 2015 with my finance because she was on visit visa and her family forced us that if i can do court marriage early so she can have legal status and after a year we can do religious ceremony. however, before our religious ceremony i found out that her and her family’s intention was just only to have legal status for her and doesn’t want to marry me. since we never lived together and i was become a victim of fraud. i would like to have annulment.

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