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I received paperwork today from the father of my children. I am a recovering drug addict and got into some trouble with the law. I went to and completed a long term treatment program and have been clean for almost 9 months.  I love my children and I do not know what to do in order to stay in their lives.  I cannot afford an attorney.


My sons mother is taking me to court for custody of our child. But she is very neglegent and dosent really care about his well being. she lied on the paperwork she filed to the court. She also uses drugs and drinks constantly


I need to have my father custody rights for my 5mo. old daughter please help me.


I have primary custody of my daughter. Her mother pays me child support.  Nicole, her mother, is trying to get our daughter to live with her. She thinks the school our daughter attends is not as good as the school.  She also claims that, I do not take care. I go for a hearing August 5th, 2014.


I need to file a motion to emancipate my son who is almost 20 years old and also get a credit because  my daughter 5 years ago but never lowered my support payment and I cant afford to pay this any longer or keep having warrents for my arrest.

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