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Do I have to consult a private lawyer before filling to EEOC to complain or consult/validate if my right was violated/denied, for I believed I was wrongfully terminated/discharge. They violated the Exception of AT WILL employment term  for not following the  company procedures or company handbook guidelines for terminating any employees. Last April 4, 2012 my managers verbally informed me that my services is terminated and handed my unused vacation pay. Nowritten documents/papers signed by Human Resources and no investigation made by HR. On that day, I and the two managers met in a public place.  Do you think I can claim for WRONGFUL TERMINATION? Do I have a case? Can I ask for damages? Thank you for your legal advice


I have been having problems with my employer mainly my supervisor for a long time, Ive been employed with my company since October 2011 until April 2012, and was not given a reason being terminated and have no idea why, I have tried on several occasions to contact the owner to no avail, I need some direction as to what I need to do please!


I was ternminated today with no warning and was told last month what a great job I was doing by my supervisor.  I was never informed that I was doing a bad job and was always todl what a great job I was doing.  Today at 8:45am I was told I was being terminated as my numbers were not good and although I had great Customer Service and everyone liked me that the processing of orders and registrations and memberships needed to be thorough.  Never was i told by my supervisor that I was doing anything wrong as far as my work goes.   I feel that I was given no warning and also that not ever being told I was not doing the work correctly I should not have been terminated but put on a probation period I wss there for 2 months from February 27th to today April 27th

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