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Need a payment plan.Hello, My wife of 3 years is divorcing me and seeking spousal support. She brought a lot of debt into the marriage, was working at the time we married and had one teen daughter.  During our marriage she was mentally and emotionally unstable.  I have tried to do the best I could under extremely hard circumstances.  We had to declare bankruptcy because of the large amount of debt a year ago.  She had a back surgery but eventually returned to work.  She was dismissed for reasons I would like to discuss and is currently unemployed.I have paid for everything including her past debt and the vehicle she is currently driving.  I do not believe it would be fair to continue to pay her bills plus additional spousal support.We already had a hearing during which the judge advised me to get a lawyer.


I have been served with divorce papers. My 20 days to respond is coming to an end. I would like to respond and try to get an x amount of money to use to help me get started again, as this has caused my children and I to live with my parents again. We don have our own home and this final decision for divorce was his decision not mine. I feel for my children sake we need our own home. I tried to do it nicely but that didn work. I can afford the attorney I was going to use since we are at the point we are at.


My husband left the states on the account he is wanted by the law.. we have no kids.. no property and I haven seen this man in 4 or 5 years..


I have been married since 2009 we left each other two weeks after we got married is noni staying married to someone that if you


My husband is mentally emotionally verbally abusive as well as controlling and i cantake this anymore I just need help Ibeen married for 13 years and have been told what I can do

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