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My husband and I have contract stating we are married but we never married thru state. My husband refuses to share assets which are quite a bit if money


My husband and I have been married 18 yrs come Dec 25. He is threatening to withdraw or force me to withdraw all of his soc sec disability payment in December so he can leave and threatens to take the car we lease stranding me and making it impossible to pay all of our bills. He gets angrier by the day.  I do not know what my legal recourse is. My personal funds are very low thanks to a short sale over 3 years ago. Between my income from my full time job and his disabililty income we just make ends meet. I do not know what to do and I fear being evicted from our apartment and not having a car for transportation. He also has a paid for motorcycle for transportation. He just wants to make me as miserable as he is determined to be himself. Can you advise please.


I am a mother of two children from my marriage to a man I havent lived with in 7yrs. due to sexual abuse with our child.  I am also pregnant..working to provide.  I would like to get divorced as quickly as possible so I can move on with my life.


Divorce, I have been married for 30 years. My husband and I were  for 12 years, unfortunately we got back together for 19 months and then he decided that he was going back to the woman he left before we got back together.


I been married for about 10 years and I been seperated for about 8 years and I just need a divorce all ready we both moved on have our families dont want anything just a,simple divorce I have no communication with him at all.

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