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VERY long story but to sum it up….husband left me after 28yrs of marriage, wants a divorce and out of the kindness of his heart, he will give me 200.00. I do not want to fight divorce but I do feel I am entitled to more than 200.00. I will explain everything when someone calls me, which I hope is now. I am also takinf care od husband handicap brother by MYSELF. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


I am  a disable spouse been married 9 years my husband abandon shortly after marriage he started running away from home i was disable from the start of  relationship  i have legal blindness and has several medical problems been in and out the hospital for surgery in the past year was not strong enough to fight he left again Dec2009  need help hes claiming  to have new babies his family helps him hide I no longer work after 2005 he did ….struggling


I have a spousal support order from my divorce,that my ex spouse and his employer refuse to pay he currently owes about 8000 dollars


My former husband is an attorney   there are orders for support  no children   he has chosen to disregard   his actions have created many problems   thank you in advance for your time


Need to get my ali back of 1 800  per month plus rears  as i ws awarded untill my ex changed times on me confusing me for court knowing i have m s and mom just died plus sister was placed in a convelastant hospital  i had to leave my residance of four years due to his conduct and moved in with my daughter in arazona want to go back home but do not have the funds.


My spouse deserted me  and file for  limited divorce  temporary spousal support was set by maryland court now it s been a year


I was married for 26yrs  i am disable  i need someone to represent me  in 2013 their was a court order to pay me spousal support of 1 300 a month  he has not paid a dime and said he wasn t going too  i took him to court many times  he has been in contempt twice  he is working and has a good i need help please thank you.

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