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I have recently moved. with the knowledge and consent of my ex… and he is now saying that he will not allow our 14 year old son to join me.


Mother has numerous drug charges and numerous cps cases and has a aggressive girlfriend.Right now i have my daughter living with me and a restraining order for the mother and girlfriend not to come near my daughter. Would like to have full custody. Our attorney stated he can do payment plans then stated he needs 2500 dollars to continue. We can do payment plans but dont have alot of money. I am also paying child support to the mother since the beginning of april 2014. Actually i have been paying child support all of my daughters life.


Cps gave custody to someone who has not been taking care of them we have been taking care of them for 4 years the mother was tested positive for drugs I just want the boys back in a home that people love them  we miss there loving faces


Its complicated…but basically im paying 50.00 to my husband for child support because he went through the VA for them to pay for his apartment, hes on all kinds of food benefits etc, so they came after me but the problem is is that Dave, my ex is an abusive alcoholic and doesnt watch our son Brandon,  i do.  He hasnt seen him in over 10 days nor does he care, Brandon is 11 and he calls me crying begging me to come pick him up because his dad is constantly screaming at him. I do EVERYTHING for my son, Dave does nothing but i have to pay him monthly. This is so wrong and need this stopped.  PLEASE HELP


i have A CHIPS  that is open ongoing. my 2 year old has been placed in a fosterhome due to alleged child abuse im fighting to get him back but cant do it alone


My husband and I are currently going through a divorce. I had left our place of residency because of the abuse and he would not allow me to take my children so I had to leave them in his care. Every time I did try to take them to where I was staying he would not allow me and claimed it was not safe therefore I was never allowed to take them. Within the time that he filed and now he got custody. I believe he filed a emergency custody order to get them. Now I can only see them briefly on certain days. I also have to pay child support and child care which I do not mind if the money was actually being used on my children. When I pay the child support I have no money left to pay other bills. So I am lost on what to do and where to go from here. I do not want him having physical custody.

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