Husband Stopped Paying Spousal Support

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Ex husband stopped paying spousal support and is also in arrears for  16 000 unpaid alimony   i am a senior with medical issues unable to find work and face eviction


i was told to speak to the attorney general in hopes to get help on being victimized by the system i ve been unsuccessful  my husband left my children and i for the final time on january 5th  2015 he promised my children and i that he would not take our soul income and on january 22 just before the bills are due he did just that he left us to fend for ourselves i ve been together with him for 22 years married 18 we have three children he walked out on january 5 and never looked back he is a heroin addict and has been for quite some time when i found out about his addiction i helped him get into meadowood he was there for a week only to come out and do it again now i m losing everything that i have and trying to    take care of my children i was denied child-support i went to social security and was able to get my two children s checks  made me as the payee now i m struggling to figure out how i m going to pay my bills though i am getting help from other people which i shouldn t have to because it s my husband s    responsibility i ve tried everything and i ve gotten nowhere i even emailed the mayor with no response back i filed for spousal support but they have to find him to serve the papers he changed his address so his social security card would be sent to his daughters address who is also on heroin which is fraud because he is not living there if there is anything you can do to help me as i am only one person and thought i could make a difference and i can t i don t know what else to do or where to turn or where to go from here my car that we jointly own is being repo d next week  i went to social services this morning for an appointment for help getting a car as i live in the country and i have no one here to help me  we are on our own i was denied because i don t work  i am disabled  now he is driving by my house with his new car everyday  not caring about his children in the least as if we never existed the pol


I am currently seperated from wife for 3 years i live with another woman and have a child what by law am i obligated to be paying my soon to be ex wife

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