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We have creditors calling, garnishments on our checks, and are not able to get ahead and pay bills too. we are a family of four and need help with filing for bankruptcy. thank you and we look foward to talking with you soon.


Have a court date may 5th from a credit card comp. and need to file bankruptcy because I have several others calling non stop.


I was “served” with a lawsuit yesterday that has a cout date if April 16th….It is for 13k against. Normally, I can research and handle my own situations, however my family has suffered a tragedy recently and I am NOT at my best and I need help NOW!Being a father of 2 little girls i need help FAST .NOT ONE PERSON HAS CALLED ME BACK YET AFTER 6 DAYS OF BEGGING. PLEASE


I have unpaid credit cards, and let my car go back to the bank, but they didnt get enough out of it to pay the loan off.  Also have a little medical bills.  I have one credit car that want to put a judgement against me and they say they can have it deducted out of my widows benefit and disability from Social Security and that is my only income as I am disabled.  I have monthly bills to pay out of what I make, and there is nothing left to make a huge payment of any kind.


I am a single mother a child on the way a son.  I am getting garnished due to a matter that doesnt pertain to me.  The courts or the car co, has not came to me about no judgement or lack of pauments on a car I dont have.  They are now garnishing my check w/o me knowing & I dont have no $ to pay my bills or feed my child or myself & I am eating for 2.  My child has special needs who needs his medication & I now dont have $ to get his medication.  He is now in danger.  I am in desperate need of some1s help.  I am on the vurge of eviction & being homeless w/ a son & a child on the way.

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