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My Husband on June 18. I called to try and settle this issue out of court and come to an agreement with my son father. He did not respond for nearly a week until I sent him a nudge to give me an answer. He is now trying to take all from me and I have used up all of my money to get this move going. Also the agreement I gave him originally was one parent had the school year and the other had the summer with he parents sharing the monetary load by paying for our son to go to which every parent he would be going.


I’m in need of help geting my son back from my ex husband he is not the biological father. And he has taken my son from me.I work at taco bell.and do not have the thousands of dollars that it cost for a lawyer. I really in desperate need of help.if anyone could please help me.


I gave my gay friends temporary custody 4 years ago until i could get a stable home to live in. They are taking me to court to get my legal rights. I see her on a regular basis when they will let me. Right now they are not letting contact or see her at all. I want to get her back full time


The father of my kids took temp custody with an emergency ex parte motion. I want full custody of my kids back. I have taken care of them since they were born. Father owes 30,000 back child support


I am trying to move back to my native land with my sons dad wont pet me leave. I havr tried to come up with a different parenting plan with my sons father but he wont even comply with me.

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