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Need a payment plan.I need legal representation with my divorce proceedings, my ex has free legal assistance and not getting a fair chance bc I dnt have a lawyer. I want joint custody of our minor daughter andthey are basing alimony payments on a salary that I made the year prior of our seperation. I made a lot of overtime that year but thats not my normal annual income


I am a school teacher and I need to proceed as soon as possible so I can deal with the divorce during the summer break. It has been pending for a while, I am the main provider for my family, I cant afford to take time off from work to resolve this issue.


Provide legal service with a divorce lawyer that I did hire and to find someone that could help me complete my divorce.


I want to divorce him due to his cheating and physical abuse I have a court ordered restraining order against him. I just want to get on with my life Please help me

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