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Unemployment exhausted. No income. Loosing home. Looking for chapter 7 bankruptcy help.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


My spouse and myself are both disabled. Arizona denied Medicaid to my spouse and our credit card bills are up to $18,000.  I have started to file the paperwork for her bankruptcy myself. Because we cannot afford to pay for an attorney(Usual fees are $1,200 +) I need help to file. She is uable to complete the financial courses that are required before and after bankruptcy.


Need to file Bankruptcy and cant afford it.  currently on unemployment and recieve $162.00 per week.  My Credit was runied due to my divorce.  And I think my poor credit hurts my chances of finding a job.  Have two children (one in high school and one in college)


I have a 13yr old daughter, been in and out of court for 9 yrs…. my credit is bad, partly my fault, partly my parents fault…. I am having a really hard time getting transportation, because, I am on a fixed income…. I really need help filing chapter 7 so I am able to get a vehicle to see my daughter, and to go back to court as intended….The family court judge really frowns


Due to hardship was not able to pay credit card debt levy on my acct right now am on disability


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Im 27 years old Im in so much debt that I just cant seem to get my self out of from IRS to credit card to daily bills I would like to know is ther anyway I can file for bankruptcy I have 3 kids and I really need my life back so Im asking for someone help please


Im inquiring for my daughter (27) and my son (32). Both are working minium wage jobs. My son is mildly mentally impaired. We moved. I had gotten injured and as a result needed care and was unable to return to work. I lost my house, my insurance, my car, everything. I tried keeping up with all of our credit card debt but it became impossible so they all fell behind. I have spoken to a lawyer but wasnt able to obtain him because of the cost. Im desperately seeking a lawyer that will work pro bono or file their bankruptcy cases and allow us to make payments. Were not bad peole, its just our circumstances have changed. Please help us! Thank you for your time.

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