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I just had to sigh substitution of Atterny this morning because I cannot afford one . I am very close in this case and I need a pro bono Atterny who will help me to get custody of my son . The court is on Monday and I am hopeless for help . Please contact me


My daughters dad has placement he served me for full custody i need a lawyer i am on disability and dont have alot of money


The mother of my son has been doing drugs and have a history of violent actions. About a week ago my child was taken away from the mother and cps placed him temporarly with me. I need a child custody lawyer to help me with child custody process. I tried doing the paperwork alone about a year ago and judge told me i done wrong paperwork. I need help with this task. please help my son is counting on me. Thanks in advance


I am the primary parent,I am looking to move only 30min from my current residents closer to my other 2 children and closer to my work.I am thriving to achieve a better life for my daughter,MOC is not complying with parenting plan and I am seeking to gain further custody for the better of the child.

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