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I need a divorce ASAP please. Husband and I having lots of difficulties for a while. Absolutely NO SOLUTION


My soon to be ex husband and I have been filing for divorce and have no idea what we are doing we dont know how to finish it and are sick of it taking so long. We have filed and have gone threw our resolution conference. we filed in jan now its june and we just want it done. Its an uncontested divorce with one minor child.


I want a simple divorce, not asking for anything from him, all the kids are adults. He is threatening  and harassing me.


Need a payment plan.My husband has filed for divorce through. We filed together and it was originally an uncontested divorce. I now want to change some things including receiving child support and division of community property. I would like to know the steps I need to take to change this. I was summoned on May 28th.


I have been with married man who has not live with wife in about two years. Wife wants to file civil charges on me. He gets two checks a month and she requesting 40 percent of his income. He will not be able to live and cannot live with me at this time. I need to know what we need to do.


Want a divorce because husband has been retired from navy since 1987 and gives me no financial support, or any kind of support.

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