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my children were taken into dhs custody a year ago, and I have done everything the judge has asked me to do, except I go to a methadone clinic called springdale treatment center she it threatning to not give me back my children if I don give up my treatment i am pregnate and stoping my treatment now can kill my un born child and possibly me she is forcing me to dose down while i am pregnate which is extremely dangerous but i am doing as she asked for fear of loosing my children i am in desprate need of help my children are my life and i cant loose them and i dont want to kill this baby just to save my other children i want all my children to be with me so please if you can help me please do so i have court in july and she is going to terminate my rights if I am not out of treatment please help.


My childs mother will not allow me to see my daughter unless I come to her house. She will not allow me overnights but yells at me for not spending enough time.


I am not currently divorced from my wife we have been separated for a year and she is not allowing me to see the children at all. She is with another guy and is pregnant by him I just have some general questions and advice.

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