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I have tried and tried to keep up with my bills. I am alone now and my income just wont pay the bills. I need to file bankruptsy but really want to protect my business. I dont make much but its all I have. We already lost our home and any financial security we had.


I am disabeled and have alot of medical debt. I do have one credit card debt. I have currently recieved a letter to appear in court for examination of judgment of debtor? I am terrified. I make $703.00 a month on disability and with a roommate and medication can hardly pay for ANYTHING else. I am desperate for help. I use to be in nursing before my accident and find it hard to ask for help as I am use to being the one to help others. Thanks


I need to do a chapter 13 plan and have many questions. I want to lower my mortgage and cram down my auto payment by lower interest rate.  My interest rate is presently 6% on a 2003 auto. ai want to know how to do this.


I want to file bankruptcy. i have heard of different ways to do it wanted to get a little advice on how the best way is..also heard the state i live in offers aid in such catagory.


My lender continues to send me monthly statements, even after my Chapter 7 bankruptcy was discharged, I believe in April of 2010.In Jan 2012, I received a notice of foreclosure. Im still there but Im very nervous and afraid.


I am in need to file bankruptcy. My husband and I have creditors now taking us to court and we had employment losses that have covered the last 3 1/2 years. We are drowning and can not afford the several thousands needed to hire an attorney but have court cases against us as early as next week. I tried to fill out the forms alone but I am getting very overwhelmed.


I need to declare bankruptcy on medial bills and unsecured debt. I am a single unemployed mother trying to protect what little I do have to provide for my child


I need to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. i am low income and do not have the $1500.00 every lawyer i have met with wants to do bankruptcy.


I lost my home in forclosure and cant afford all the debt that comes along with it. Will explain more in detail when you call. Its alot to explain. Weve been through hell and its hard to explain everything. Weve paid out thousands and now we have no resources or money left.

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