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Received a Ticket For Suspend License? want to beat it ? Hire a Traffic Ticket attorney asap, connect to a Traffic ticket lawyer people are already submitting there cases fast. see below


I recieved a ticket for suspend license wrongfully and am trying to reschedule a court date for that but in order to do that I need to postpone a current approaching court date.


I received a  speeding ticket. I would want this to be a non-moving violation. If able I would like to request court supervision.


I just got a speeding ticket today with 12 miles violation and 4 points (42 miles on 30 speed limit).The fine is 160$ and charged with 4 points. The court due date is on 05/05/2016.Please let me kno whte process and how much would you charge on this ticket.My History: Got 1 speeding ticket 5 years back. Paid the fine and no points were issued as it was out of state,Thanks.


I was pulled over for an expired out of state registration and for talking on my cellphone while driving even though I was stopped at a stop light.  I answered the phone to let the person know that I would call them back as soon as I got to where I was going.


Missed court date for second moving violation. Hence causing a pending suspsenion. I sold my last vehicle with license plate still attached and new owner went through countless tolls. Again causing a pending suspension.


My truck was hit while parked.  The driver was not there.  But whoever hit has funny insurance and the driver should be responsible over all costs with his friend.

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