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I was walking down the st when a young lady ask me to care for her child.she gave me a paper that state temporary guardians agreement. she said that she was comming i still have the child for 9mos. I need help.


I need help. Im a loving caring mother who deserves my child home with me. I let my cousin keep my child for me when I was 16 years Old an not able to provide.  Now I22 an stable. She want let me spend time with her. I feel thats unfair when I never been proving unfit.. I have other kids in the home.


I have been hurt at work and am only receiving 59 dollars a week so i can not afford a lawyer but I have been given temporary custody of my son and I have had him almost a year but im still being charged for child support and cant get him on medicaid do to his mothers lack of cooperation i need help


My ex husban want to take my custody for my childnd I dont have defense I need help please its a very dirty case


I have child custody issues and yesterday i got into an altercation with my sons mom and her  boyfriend . Domestic violence case. She is constantly violating orders and nothing gets done.


8 years ago a child was born it is claimed to be my husband child he was told to leave and he wouldn be contacted for any reason the mothers father told him face to face he was not the father the mother has signed away her rights if this is his kid we want full custody and them to pay child support. Im currently pregnant

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