Responsibilities of Landlord and Tenant

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Relations between landlords and tenants can often be volatile. Prior to entering into any agreement, tenants need to know what they can expect from their landlord, and what their own responsibilities are.

Prior to the tenant moving into the property, the landlord is obligated to ensure that the dwelling complies with both local and federal housing codes. There are minimum standards to be met for the basics such as lighting, ventilation and the structural quality of the abode.

After the tenant moves into the property, the landlord is expected to undertake any maintenance on the property, ranging from changing a light-bulb right through to any extensive electrical or plumbing works. The landlord is required to respond within twenty-four hours of being notified of the issue, and the problem must be fixed within a reasonable timescale.

It is in the landlord’s interests to ensure problems are fixed as soon as possible. If they fail to do so, and there is an accident, then if the tenant can prove that the issue was flagged some time previously, then the landlord is likely to end up in court.

The tenant is responsible for maintaining the standard of the dwelling during their period of habitation, and can expect to be charged for any damage caused by their own recklessness. They must also be able to prove that they are suitable prior to any tenancy and may be asked to provide history of any convictions and financial penalties against their name.

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