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I lost my job in June 2014  I cannot pay  1000 a month alimony  I make  220 weekly take home on average  I need to file a motion to decrease amount of alimony  I paid that  1000 monthly for 5 years before the court order and since then till I lost my job


My husband and I have been married for 8 months and separated for 1 month. After an argument about another woman, my husband stayed out all night and has not returned home since. He refuses to give me any money or help with the bills and I can not afford them alone.


I would like to file for a spousal maintenance increase because of my recent (2012) disabilities preventing me from finding employment. Former spouse began receiving social security benefits in 2012 as well as working full time.  I was a stay at home wife and mother who moved 15 times in our 30 year marriage to further my former spouses career.  I have not worked enough in my lifetime to receive Federal Disability.


I am divorce and the judge give her everything,the reason she lied about my employment and I can proved it. I lost my job and I cannot afford the alimony the judge imposed on me

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