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Legally married 10y…he’s had several afairs. when he left this time he left me homeless, no income (i’m disabled waiting for hearing), no help from him, but he has spent money paying for softball teams cost, tournament costs, pay a player to play on his team, play golf, ect. i want to file for spousal support.


You said that i could get free help. i dont have any money. my phone has been shut off. my husband wont pay his alimoney. if you cant refer me to someone that will take my case for nothing. please help


I need to adjust my alimony/support due to a change in income and was trying to figure out the process of re petitioning an already closed divorce case.


My ex husband has decided to stop paying court appointed alimony.  not for any financial strain on his part but for his hatred of me.  i am being evicted because i count on every dime to pay for my rent.  i need help filing a petition to reinstate and a show cause for non payment in general district court in chesterfield county va.  there are no template forms and i am willing to do the leg work but need help


Need information about how to secure spousal support. have been married over 40 years. we are separated, but living in same house. alcohol is a major factor. already spent over $5000.00 with another attorney,  but with no results. contemplating seeking another attorney for consultation.  have a separation agreement not signed, but cannot agree on couple of major issues.


I need yo appeal my divorce. but i need yo fire the ones i had they just took me gor money. they did not do me right. i cant afford to pay a lawyer. i am desperate my ex cheated mentally physically abused me. he had ins in me then it was suppose yo stay the same coverage but it didn’t for example my monthly treatment cost 1800.00 a month the insurance i had covered a hundred % now i have a deductible of $ 4000.09 a month.  my narcolepsy medicine use to cost me a 40.00 co-pay now it us $ 497.00  r very 2 months. plus there is other issues . please help me.

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