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My husband is currently incarcerated. there is record of abuse. he either broke, stole, hacked, or gave away most of my personal belongings while he left me in jail for erroneous charge for back child support for six months because of me being on ssdi and they were sending her support payments. while leaving me there her said on purpose he had another woman leaving in my house that owned prior to marriage. he had nothing coming into our marriage and now after he was done i have nothing left.


i am wanting to get alimony my husband is filing papers for an uncontested divorce can i put on the papers that i want alimony?


Wife left me with our son to be with another man now i struggle to provide the lifestyle we are a custom to living bc she decide to leave for someone else.


I want to modify my divorce decree..mainly because i have become disabled and iam not able to earn any money i only have my ssdi check of 616.00..there are a few other issues on my divorce papers…breach of contract issue..


i have a valid court ordered collection judgment  from las vegas since 2010 that needs enforcement lots of money involved if collected as garnishment


Husband defaulted on divorce agreement. stopped paying alimony and small mortgage pmt on my condo since oct 2014 on mtg and march 2015 on alimony. doesnot answer calls and seems to be hiding. has some income. i am blind and on disability and have very little income myself. had to file ch 13 to protect condo from bank but i am still underwater and not much prospect of earning more money. help please

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