Temporary Spousal Support

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My spouse deserted me  and file for  limited divorce  temporary spousal support was set by maryland court now it s been a year


I lost my job in June 2014. I cannot pay $1000 a month alimony. I make $220 weekly take home on average. I need to file a motion to decrease amount of alimony. I paid that $1000 monthly for 5 years before the court order and since then till I lost my job.


I would like to receive help. mentally abusing me for the past six months. I need help paying my bills and receiving counseling for my issues he left me with. He was planning to build a lifelong commitment and I would like for him to help me for as long as I need to, currently I am going through relocation.


A lot of public gamuliating penis comments and unwanted from individuals sexual attention harassment


I recently learned that my ex-husband is in contempt of on several issues concerning the divorce decree, he has not honored any part of the court order. He owes me several thousand dollars plus the interest. He has committed wilful contempt. the divorce was granted in Augusta.

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