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my x husband of 13 years had surgery on october 26 2015 and the court ordered alimony just stopped. then i get served to go to court on jan 19 2016 my x husband and his lawyer tell me about my x husbands surgery and if i will allow alimony to stop until he goes back to work. making 185 thousand a year. and my income is zero. he payed me 3200 a month. i felt bad for him so i agreed. but couldn’t figure out why the judge was so angry with my x husband and his attorney. she asked me if i was threatened or promised anything i said no. i just felt that he needed time to get better. so the judge told my x husband when his disability money comes in to get back into court asap. so a week later i get papers from his lawyer saying that my x husband and his lawyer went into court november 23 2015 saying i was a no show. that’s why the judge was so upset. my x husband never did go see the judge when his disability came.


I left my husband on 01/09/14 due to the fact i was suspicious of him cheating with a woman he works with which my mom, her friend, and i actual caught him with this women on 01/08/14. i do have phone records and the two eye witnesses. he also moved in with her a week or two after i left from our residence. unfortunately, i do not have the funds to file for divorce and alimony.

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