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I recently received a grant from the state to go to truck driving school but the thing is that I paid the city my fines, and next thing you know I have other fines from the justice court did not have a clue about this so I really need help to obtain my drivers license please.


Forgot to handle ticket for no inspection then licence was suspended n then I gt pulled over n got a ticket for driving on was a accident n ok w they want to suspend it for a year..


I have to attend court in a couple of weeks. I want to make sure I dont face jail time and I wont lose my drivers license.


I have three court cases that need to be delt with asap. All for dwls and fines. I dont have a lot of money saved but I can do a payment plan. I do have a job and I get oaid every two weeks


I have a judgment against me for an accident from 5 years ago. I really dont completely know what its about. i have 4 tickets out from 2011 that have now became warrants. i need to be able to drive for my job and so i can start attending school . i really need help.


I was caught driving without a license and it was considered a misdemeanor. I was told by the judge to come to court with a lawyer but I cant afford one. Im a college student faced. I really do not want to face any jail time. Can someone help me


I received a ticket for driving without my licenseon me and my court date was today. I started a new job today and it totally slipped my mind. When I remembered the court was closed. My concern is a bench warrant issued now. I will call the court first thing in the morning but, I am curious how much they are going to want now. I amnervous about going directly to the court with no money and the fear of being arrested and losing the job that would help to resolve this matter.

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