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I have bunch of traffic tickets and my license has been revoked I just need a lawyer go court for me and help get my license back …..


I was pulled over and i didnt have a DL so the officer gave me a ticket. i now have a LP. but i missed my appt to get a public defender, my court date is April 4,2016.. i really need help i have little money and i really dont want to go to jail.. please help me.. i missed my appointment by 1 day.


Hello I received a ticket in Raleigh for expired driving license missed court date result my driving license is revoked. At the time all this occurred I was recently DX with a health disease. Assist request


State trooper stop me tonight. Said I had no insurance,no registration,plate wasn’t registered to vehicle. Plus I had tickets that were in suspension prior to from last year for the same. And my license were suspended seven times….. I’m disabled, I work only three days a week. No real money to pay but need a legal aide to help me get as much of this squared away.


Have traffic tickets un paid an want to try an get license back already took care of city ones but have about 7500 more un paid ones in Suffolk County an nassua county but want to see if we can fight them an get it lowered

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