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I have failure to appearl for court. The original violation is from a traffic ticket violation. I need tassistance in having the warrant vacated.


I was given a ticket for going 67 in a 55. This is my first ticket I have ever received. I went to court on March 11. At court, I tried to see if I could get my ticket reduced but they said no because I’m under the age of 22 and they wanted me to take the safe driving class. I then asked if I could use my prayer for judgment and the DA said that he would be against using it and he would say so if the judge asked him if he thought it was a good idea. My husband is stationed there. I am moving there to be with him. Needless to say I am limited on time and can not find any available classes for that safe driving course.


Driving without a permit . But I have all my driving charges paid for . Need to petition the court for restricted driving


A officer pulls over my boyfriend  at the time.The boyfriend said we were racing, but I didn’t get pulled over. He was driving with no license so my mom and I went back to pick him up and the car b/c he couldn’t drive with no license. The officer then writes  me a ticket and says I  was racing in RUSH HOUR traffic doing 90.


I was in a car accident last year. The day of my accident my insurance had expired the day before. My license was suspended for two 90 day periods. I submitted the SR22 and have kept it current. I just received a letter in the mail stating that my license will be suspended for a year. I would like to know what can be done help me because I can’t afford to not be able to drive for a year. I have two young children. I also have another court date coming up on March 16th


I need a Occupational limited license. I’ve had my license suspended. and have a lapse in insurance. I just started working at a new job. and need transportation to and from. I’ve tryed transportation services in my area, but there are none available to the job location. To far to walk in bad weather. and buses in warminster dont even get close, believe me I’ve investigated!!!

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