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I have a license suspension in December. I got a ticket for having my car parked and on for driving under suspension and it is the second time for driving under suspension charge and it was the second ovi. But I was parked in a lot with just the car running


I have a CDL class A lic. Has been suspended. I need instruction on what to do. I filed for indigent and was awarded.


I received a ticket for driving while license invalid due to not being able to afford paying a surcharge fee that particular month. I had been paying on surcharges for over 3 years and it has taken everythiung I have. I just want to get past this mess and put it behind me. The last traffic ticket recived was over 2 years ago.I They kept post poning my court . I Austin when I lived there. Since then I have moved back to my hometown and lost the ticket.Apparently they had set a court date in austin and I did not receive it in the mail and so because I did not attend they said I had jumped bail which if I had known of the actual court date I would have been there. I am not a criminal, just a southern white girl trying to finish college and I got caught up in minor traffic violations and now surcharges. Evrything has gotten out of control and I would like to focus on saving money for school and continuing with my future in broadcast rather than throw my money away to the state.  I have 2 jobs and have decent income just tired of throwing it away and paying for a minor traffic mistake I made years and years ago. Please help. Thank you


My husband got arrested for a warrant for a citation that happened in 2009, because he moved he never received anything in the mail about the subpoenas. Now he is being held for 72 hours without bond.


I need my drivers license or state id to get a job but I go to court on July 14 and I dont have the money I suppose to pay


I bought a car from a Dealer for 1500, but agreed to an extra 50 to get it smog checked so it could be registered. When we went to register after all the basics were taking care of the dmv denied the registration because the dealer took it to a invalid smog check place. And not even two weeks of having the car I got a ticket for no registration, and broken back tail light…. Not to mention the car not even running within a weeks time after that so stuck with a non running car and in debt for the tickets on it.


Have to appear in court, but I live out of state. Judge wont take mail in plea. Also on disability. Trying to get judge to waive fine.


I was convicted of driving without a license because my license was under suspension. I was ordered to attend the pay by month Alternative program to while I work to obtain my license.  However, I violated that order, by driving, in 2013 was Jailed and Fined accordingly. Two week age, June 3 2014, I was cited for failure to appear for the 2011 driving charge and today I was told a trail date has been set for June 24 2014.  This feels like double jeopardy and I need help. I paid for this in 2013 when I violated and was place in custody and fined.  They are saying that 2013 violation sentencing it did not include the original infractions penalties so now I must be recharged and re sentenced on June 24 2014. This is the situation.  Please contact my with yes or no help options.

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