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I received a ticket. improper passing and what happened was I was driving on a 2 lane highway and while I was driving this Amish guy and his horse were driving on the side of the shoulder, the horse got spooked and imediatley jumped infront of my truck and I ended up hitting the buggy. I am innocent of this charge and I need a lawyer. Because of this ticket I lost my job and I need a lawyer to keep this off my record thank u


I just bought a 2002 Chevy box truck never new the laws about the trucks and what I had to do to be able to cross the line. I by pass the wat station When open not knowing I had to go Thur I went pass and they pull me over and gave me tickets and told me what I need to do and I have everything done to the truck I feel I should get these drop cause I did not know thanks


Ive received driving with a suspended license tickets 4 times, as well, as 2 speeding tickets. All with in 2 years.


I received a speeding ticket and I wasnt speeding nor had speeding ticket in many years . My record is clean , Im the guy everybody is passing on road.I asked three times to see radar he ignored me and got combative with me and threatened to arrest me for obstruction. I was affraid for my safty and put girl friend on video chat. Ive requested discovery and all they gave me was a false statement from officer. Judge threatened to call childrens services for bring my new born to court house to have court date continued .


I was caught driving without my license in the state. about 10 years ago. DMV sent my fines to a collection agency. The collection agency refuses to release my license until the debt is paid in full. I cannot make enough money at my job without having a license to pay anything but the interest on these fines.the original fine for only about a thousand the interest is carried it off to over 3,000 closer to 4000. Without having a license I cannot get a job that pays enough to be able to save up enough to pay these fines and I am not willing to just pay interest for the rest of my life and never get my license back. This is ruining my life. I really need help in either getting a conditional license so I can get back and forth to work or a way to get my license back while paying off the fines.


Was driveing on a windy rainy day on a curvey road and lots of small hills speed limit was 55 had to get up speed to go up the hill at 60 coming down 64 as I saw the 55 spped limit so I ajusted my speed back to 55 in 14 seconds about 2000 ft there was a trooper on the far right under a tree parked as I past him I was going 55 he then turn on his lights and pull me over.


I received a multi offense ticket in Brownsville, TS. The first one for speeding 85 over 70. The second is for expired registration. It was about 2 am. I was driving with my family getting back home to long family summer vication. My registration expired in June and I received my ticket on July the 6th around 2am. I was getting back on the high way from filling up gas and trying to go with on going traffic. I had to speed, but did even think I was close to 80. I drive very cautiously especially that I have my 4yr and infant in the car. I need help please contact me.

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