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My husband going to file a divorce I want to file for alimony and hafe of his pension,what such I do I am now disabled now ?


Set two form interrogatories.trial date is tomorrow. Im on heavy narcotics due to an injury which will require surgery in a few weeks.  I have chronic depression.  diagnosed with add while attending foothill college. I cant think straight and forget things. I had a 13 year marriage. we are divorced since 2004, but the settlement issue is still incomplete. He quit paying court ordered spousal and child support for almost a year and a half.  I have no income. have not worked outside the home since 1990. I am diabled.  what should i do at court tomorrow?


I am getting a divorce. I own a house which I have owned and lived in for the past 28 years. His name is not now nor ever has been on the deed to my house. Now that we are getting a divorce, he is telling me that because we were married for 5 years that now he is entitled to half of MY house. Is this really possible? Can he really come in and take my house from me just because i put up with him for 5 years because i dont believe in divorce? Please help me. I am scared and have no where left to go if he takes my house. He has his own house, is there any way that i can keep him from taking mine?

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