Wrongful Termination And Sexual Harassment?

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So you are victim of wrongful termination and Sexual Harassment? Looking for lawyer help? Look below we helped following cases may be we can also connect you to a lawyer.

I was told in January 2012 that per the new attendance policy posted in the breakroom, I had received my 4th point for being absent, only allowed 5 in a 12 month period, I had until my Anniversary date April 28, not to miss work again. On March 12, 2012 I was late to work and was terminated. I filed for unemployment and checked the dates I was absent and came to the conclusion I had not been absent too many times to receive termination. I was approved for unemployment ” as the employer does not have a written absenteeism policy or failed to provide a copy.


I have a discrimination, wrongful termination, Sexual Harassment, etc case against the federal government. This started last year and now is getting to the point that I need a lawyer to represent me.


I was wrongful fired. I was layoff on January 2012 for about a month.Before I was layoff the supervisor wanted me to sign some papers. I refuse to sign. About  a month later i recived  a text from the supervisor saying Iam no wanted or needed anymore. I  couldnt collect unemployment.My bills are piling up. Im scare of my car being repo.

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