Wrongfully Terminated And Harassed

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My previous Home Health Company/ Employer created an unauthorized “Linked-In” account and was able to access my password to my private, original, personal account and mentioned reading a message that was in my sent mail box. I never used their computer and they manged this through my work email..I was wrongfully terminated and harassed to resign for weeks prior. I have this documented and printed out the “fake account” that I never signed up for or was aware of until recently. I contacted Linked In and they emailed me that quote ” A 2nd account was just set up on January 17, 2012. I NEVER authorized or set up…also why woukld I when I already have an established Linked In (personal account) which I set up last summer with over 75 contacts… They somehow linked the two accounts and got my password by managing this “new account” from my work email which they had the password and were the Administrator to all changes. I also believe they did this to my Facebook account and possibly Yahoo. Please help! They violated my personal accounts and were reading my emails for months!Once I emailed them and asked them for proof how they read my email??…I was sent a next day Saturday Fedex w/ my termination letter for ridiculous reason of working from home a couple hours…they reacted quickly because they knew I knew and needed to “shut down” all of my accounts and panicked…. They still refused to show any documentation that it was read in “”their database”” and denied setting up a second account to monitor my personal account…Their actions is very obvious and others that were terminated are still on their “fake Linked-In follower account, under the company” they want to seek legal action as well. Please help, I know what they did was illegal and want to sue for my salary ++ damages.


I was wrongfully terminated at my previous employer, Covenant Medical Center, for finishing my job tasks to close down the kitchen while having a former co-worker meet me there. The former co-worker came in and talked to the other workers while I was finishing up the last coulpe tasks. I was pulled into the office a week afterwards and was sent home and called the next day telling me I was terminated. I filed a claim with unemployment and won, I didnt need to defend myself, the HR worker had no real reason for letting me go. I am now applying for jobs and Covenant is giving me bad references. I feel I have no other choice then to get this off my record and would like to know if taking legal action would be beneficial.

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