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Was in auto accident this month at 4 way stop. Was unusual thick snow for this time of year. I was headed south going straight. Other vehihicle facing east & reportedly was going to turn north.i stopped saw nothing comming across from east or west turning in front of me so i proceeded to cross intersection still heading south. When i had just arrived in front of vehicle & her stop sign   facing direction of east,on the west side & her vehicle excelerated. I looked at driver & couldnt see her face because her head was turned south (right) looking that direction. I new as i was already in front of her if she didnt turn & look immedietely she would hit my vehicle & not know until she hit my vehicle because i was already in front of  her & she was looking far right. I attempted to honk but she hit me. She didnt evan look until she hit my vehicle as i feared. After she hit me she immediately backed up to her stop sign. Because of the snow & i gues still in shock i backed all the way back to my sign & to the side & out of traffic. If i would have stayed where i was hit & turned my hazzard lights on the law enforcement would have been able to see immediately what occured. We were told to park our cars in the nearest parking lot. The driver of the other vehicle was out of her car the whole time. When i finnaly decided to step out of my car to check the damage i was told by deputy to please get back in my car. Was asked for my insurance card & license & told to fill out report. The officer & i couldnt read the policy # because we couldnt make out 8,9 & 6s (blurry). Didnt know if i was still in shock or was this was any of this normal. I dont know what all i wrote except that i stopped, looked went on then was hit by other vehicle. Dont think i wrote other driver was not looking as i passed her stop sign. I was hardly talked to. I was told i could leave so i got out of my vehicle for a moment to look at it & asked the officer if my car was ok to drive home because it was in such bad shape, & were we not supposed to exchang


I was found unconscious outside first helf of Dec. 2011 due to drug overdose and dont know how I got there.  I overdosed on cocaine and heroin.  I was in icu for over a month unconscious and with copd, respiratory arrest and pneumonia.  When I finally got out of the hospital and went to get my car it was gone.  Someone else is in possession of my car which was in an auto accident since thenl  The insurance company wants a recorded interview with me covering the same explanation I have already given them.  Also they say they will no longer insure my car.  I dont know what to do from here.


My Son had an accident in  my car and he was not on my policy and the driver of the other car was not on the own of the car policy neither and the insurance company is try to make me pay for the her car.

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