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I’m being sued. In May 2011 we were sitting in heavy traffic at a stop light. I momentarily let my foot off the brakes letting my car roll forward hitting the car in front of me. There was no damage to either vehicle. The problem is the other driver was/is a Police Officer and she took some workers compensation time and they now want me to pay for it. Im due in court on 3/30/12.


I was in an not at auto accident fault. I had liability and the at fault driver has full coverage. I have already recieved payment for my car. I went to emergency because I had hit my eye on the steering wheel and they think glass got into it, doctors said it was a contusion and would get better, and now I have an ongoing issue. I see another specialist tomorrow. My medical insurance told me that they are taking over for my medical bills but that I really need a lawyer for my missed time at work and eye issue. My eye goes out and gets real blurry, it is my only good eye my other eye is not totally blind but might as well be, it has been that way since birth. Either way, there is no money in it for lawyers I have spoke to and between the work I missed looking for a car and eye doctors, who dialate you so you cant go to work, my pay check this pay period will not pay my bills. I will be uanble to pay my car insurance phone internet, it is rediculous. The insurance company is very difficult to deal with and said that they will pay me for the two and a half days I missed but that is it. Well I have to miss work tomorrow for this other specialist and I am told to stop dealing with them and get an attorney. I have no money. Can anyone help me?


Was in an accident want to fight my ticket for improper change of lane i was not a fault used my signals a car pulled out and we bumped i drive for a living and dont want point on my license


I didnt know i clipped a car in a parking lot when i pulled out and drove away. a witness told the police the police showed up at my house later that night took my insurance information and drivers license number. can i be charged with a criminal hit and run?


There a lawsuit against me due to an accident that happen two years ago. It was a three car hit I was in the middle  but it was the car in back of me fault. The car that I was driving. Is was insured but not  I .  I dont  have a  job  and cant afford a lawyer but need help


Was in a sort of car accident five years ago, we bump in Smiths parking lot.  Called police polce came would not make out report on private property, asked her if she was ok, asked me we both said yes, saw no damage on either car we went sepearte ways, five years later her and her insurance company suing me, since I need reiviced anynotiviationof trail judgement was find in her so state of utah took my license till I paid almost 8000 dollars if I knew about court Iwould of went ,she had no leg to stand on, several police friends said this is a scam when people have no cases telling the judge the other person was served when they werent.

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