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I have been named in a lawsuit for a car accident for which I was not at fault.  I did not get a ticket from the on-scene police officer.  Also, the person who caused the accident fled the scene.  Please advise.  Thank you!


I was sitting in the passenger seat of my parked car in a parking lot (Walmart) in Kilgore Texas and was rear-ended by a drunk, uninsured, high, driver, in a borrowed vehicle. According to surveilance video, the driver was estimated to be travelng 40-50 mph. My vehicle was totaled. I was transported by ambulance to the hospital leaving my disabled wife alone to take care of everything at the scene. She paid some bystanders to bring her mobility scooter and her to the hospital where I was later released the same night. The owner of the car had insurance but the driver didnt. I am trying to deal with Allstate insurance on the claim and am very inadequate to do this. Many questions about how to proceed with my claim and receive a just settlement.


I had an accident on June 23rd 2012, in which i was driving with only a permit and no licensed driver in the vechile, i side swiped a vechile trying to get into a passing zone. The son was injuried and im being sued for $50,000. I cannot afford a lawyer. Please help me.


I had obtained a man that I assumed to be a attorney to handle a accident car accident. He wasnt and he failed to make a settlement and later told me he tried to call me…I asked him why didnt he contact me by mail. He had no answer. I did make several attempts to contact him for copies of my accident related case work. No, reply. I would like to sue him for the amount for which I could have settled for. His business card claimed and stated to be “Affordable Legal Service”

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