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Well my vhicle was in a car accident when i let a friend use my car at the time i was uninsured until a few hrs after the accident. but the other driver was at fault she ran a stop sign but her insurance wont cover my towing nor giving me a rental im out of a car they r saying they cant take responsibility because i was uninsured at the time of the accident. could anything be done for me since im out of a vehicle?


I was recently involved in a car accident. My vehicle was totaled by a drunk driver parked on the side of a main road. The drivers insurance company offered to pay on the remainder of the leasse but did not pay the total amount. I accepted the settlement but was left with a balnce and carless. I am unable pay the balance or afford another vehicle how can I go about pursuing the driver to help me in getting the debt paid and to afford another vehicle beig that I am without a car!


I was involed in a car accident about two yrs ago, the car was registerd to my boyfriend name , unfortunately his car insurance has lapse without our knowledge.  we just received a letter from a collection agency that we 11,000 dollars.


I was in a car accident which totalled my car and i recieved injuries alot and hit my head so hard on drivers window i have been to doctors i am on ssd within 10 months i have pics of my car the only airbag that came down was that side but did not protect my head i have nigraines, eye problems memory loss i would have to look i have more issues my car was bought brand new 2008 nissan with around 23,000 miles and my accident was 9/3/10 they took my car pretty fast ins. paid it off but why wasnt the ins. adjuster notice that all that was there was a white thing hanging down no powder the skirt just dropped and last i remember is hitting my head so hard screaming oh my god the pics alone shoe all of it and i am out a job. benefits ,great pay .please call i cant all of this thank.

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